Cabo San Lucas

Roosterfish | Sierra Mackerel | Mahi Marlin

Sep 27, 2020

Our fishing report from Monday 21 to Saturday 26 September. Starting the week in Cabo San Lucas with good bites from different species such as Roosterfish, Mahi and Marlin. If you thought we no longer had roosterfish bite? Not so, they are still biting. The rooster fish are there all the season of the year. Very important to note that we have different sizes. From 5 to 25 pounds.

Report of our pangas and captains

Our captain Mario, working hard and having good bites aboard our 23 ‘panga ANA MAYRA.
Rooster fish 3-3
Mahi 3-5
Bonito 8-8

Our Panga 23 ‘KARMA with our captain José

  • Marlin 1-2
  • Mahi 5-7
  • Sierra-mackerel 1-1
  • Bonito -14-14

Our panga 23 ‘ANAMAR2 with our captain Victor.

  • Mahi 2-3
  • Bonito 8-8

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