We are starting the bottom and shore fishing season

MAHI Fishing Report
Dec 20 2022 to Jan 20 2023

Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

We are starting the bottom and shore fishing season. The bite we have had are from roosterfish, Sierra-mackerel, Jackcrevalle, amberjack, snapper and grouper.
The Mahi and Wahoo in Cabo is 25% and Marlin 65%.

You are about to schedule a trip to Cabo and you want to take a fishing trip, we recommend you go in search of species that are in season.

  • Roosterfish 48
  • Jackcrevalle 18
  • Sierramackerel 88
  • Skipjack 77
  • Bonito 83
  • Grouper 2
  • Snapper 2
  • Marlins 65
  • Mahis 27

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